About Jenn

Hi, I am Jenn!
I blog and vlog because the voices in my head tell me to.
My goal is to conquer the blogosphere with mediocre posts about my dull life and ultimately rule the world. #yolo


You have just discovered my blog…lucky you! You win, well, absolutely nothing. Except bragging rights. That’s right, chat it up at your next mom’s group meeting about how you found this weird little blog by a crazy lady on the internet. They’ll all be sooo jealous that they didn’t find it first ;)
(But seriously, though, you should totally tell them because I could use more readers!)


You can call this a humor blog. That is if you have very low standards for humor. I use the term “humor” loosely. Very, very loosely.
I think I'm funny

I’m going to write some things about some stuff and you’re going to read it. This blog doesn’t make any sense or seem to have any real purpose. It is pointless, sarcastic, mildly amusing, and probably a giant waste of your time.
But you should probably read it anyway.

Read my boring blog

I’m kinda crunchy. I’m trying to go green, organic, vegetarian, and possibly crazy…
Aspiring treehugger

…but I’m not above shoving my mouth full of free candy.
Because, ya know, chocolate. And priorities.

Because, chocolate

I have two kids and a man that follow me around.
The girl is 5, the boy is 2.5, that dude’s been hanging around me for the past decade-ish.

They’re cute and all…but this blog isn’t about them. It’s about me.
Try to contain your excitement.

I’m a birth and breastfeeding nerd. I think placentas are rad.
I’ve never eaten one but it’s on my bucket list (just kidding…sorta).


I’m an organized, detailed, list-making, (recovering) control freak.
(But since having kids I’ve become one of those never-get-a-shower, can’t-get-anything-accomplished kinda moms. I smell purdy! ;) )

I’m a domestically challenged stay-at-home-mom that doesn’t know how to cook and hates to clean (Wouldn’t you like to come over to my dirty house for dinner? I’ll be serving nothing with a side of homemade nothing. I’ll be wearing the same booger and banana covered pajamas I did yesterday. Some of those boogers will belong to the children. Yum!).

Oh, and I also have an adult-sized onesie.
Just a grown woman wearing a onesie

I’m, like, funny. Which is almost funny, but not exactly.
I think I’m hilarious, although I may be the only one.


So you’re totally going to want to start following my blog. Coolness, awesomeness, and hilarity will ensue. You don’t want to miss it. There will be much laughter…it will all be my laughter, but still…


Read my family blog coolestfamilyontheblock.com where I pretend to be a good mom.