The Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hi, I’m Jenn! I’ve participated in The Ultimate Blog Party for the past 3 years over at my mom/family blog Coolest Family on the Block and after four years I’m not sure how many different ways I can introduce myself without sounding repetitive, so this year I put together a little video that describes this blog.

(Watch video here)

*I like to vlog.
*I love chocolate.
*I hate Tootsie Rolls.
(Tootsie Rolls are not chocolate…they are an abomination!)
*I’m a total FalPal.
*I’m extremely disappointed in the How I Met Your Mother series finale.

You can read more about me on my about me page (duh) and over at my family blog Coolest Family on the Block. Oh, and I also have an adult sized onesie. Haters gonna hate.
Grown woman in a onesie.  You're welcome.

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I Make Myself the Queen is an itty-bitty newborn blog. Please be gentle with it, wash your hands before touching it, and be sure to come back often to tell it how cute it is!

Read my family blog where I pretend to be a good mom.


  1. says

    Totally laughed my way through your post! Love it. My 4 year old tells me I have to be the queen because she’s the princess. I think she’s right. So, from one queen to another — great “meeting” you via UBP! Hope you’ll stop by :-)

  2. says

    Jenn- you are awesome!! My moniker for all of my social media is QueenMomJen. Maybe we should form a Kingdom together! I won’t wear a onesie though, footed pajamas are ok though ;)

    • says

      That would be amazing…a kingdom ruled by 2 Queen Jen(n)’s! I’m in! And that’s okay, I’ll wear the onesie, as long as I get to keep my tiara!

  3. says

    HAHA love the onesie and the basis of the blog. Glad you participated in the UBP again so I could stop by. I will be around more often. Feedburner to the rescue with to subscribe.

    • says

      People do love the onesie. It has a certain appeal ;) April is always such a bad month for me blogwise, so I’m always late visiting the other bloggers. Glad you stopped by, though, and I’ll be visiting you soon :)

    • says

      THANK YOU! Every time I say something about it and someone says, “Oh, I like Tootsie Rolls!” I just want to dump holy water on them! ;) Blech.

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